6 Ways Technology is Shifting the Face of HR

6 Ways Technology is Shifting the Face of HR

In the recent world scenario, where we see digitalization leading the era, technology has changed the whole working aspect of the HR department. Tasks like contacting employees, storing files, and probing employee performance have been more efficient due to the role of technology in HR. We see HR getting more strategic due to technology. It has improved accuracy, efficiency, and has boosted its strategic capabilities. Technology has continued to evolve HR's role as a strategic partner of the business and the growth of business highly relies on a convenient HR strategy that should go hand in hand with the latest technology.

Key Areas which have Enhanced the Role of Technology in HR,

Innovation within HR is the Need of the Hour

We see HR are experimenting with the latest performance management models, curative learning strategies, ways to reduce bias, and performance techniques to recruit and coach people. This shift itself is a disruption - enabling the HR technology community to move even faster than ever.

This part of HR technology is the most dynamic and innovative, primarily because every major company thinks of buying a whole tapestry of tools to compete. The recruitment technology market is a problem professionals face in construction. To overcome this, we need an entire toolset of world-class machines to do the job and every individual has its learning curve which needs to be used well.

With accepting the technology, we need to adapt to the new change, we need to become better and better over time, and very soon, in no time, you will overpass your competitor and rewards will hit you soon.

Ease in Analyzing Employee Data

It is crystal clear that technology is the indisputable future of HR. One more way technology helps HR is by appropriate analysis of employee data. The tedious and lengthy process in the past has been reduced to just a few clicks. With IoT coming in play with all the factored employee data, the Organizations are shifting steps towards collating and calculating data from assembly lines to supply chains. And, with collecting an overall source of all complete finesse data of the employee including but not limited to the fitness band they are wearing, the cell phones they are using for operational exhaust-tips. The organizations are rapidly shifting towards using these data for employee benefits to understand and mitigate the needs, risks, wants, and shift their focus towards inculcating a moral setup.

Companies need certain criteria that need to be fulfilled whether their employees can accomplish their goals. There are various applications whose main purpose is to monitor employee performance and have made the procedure simpler and more effective. Not to forget, it is less time-consuming as well.

We can easily bring together data and use it to analyze employee performance. Software programs and applications make the task of analyzing employee performance data simpler and less complicated. However, it should not be overlooked that certain issues require human judgment as well. The recent advancements are moreover a tool that will be improving and making HR function effectively.

Feedback, Engagement and Analytics Tools Era

In a few years, the engagement survey market has been of utmost importance. Without a processed engagement survey and action, the employee morality has been persistently down-lined. Factually, employee research shows that globally 25.3% of employees are engaged and committed and that’s a low-key number on the graphs. Now, the need of the hour is to convert our systems into real-time survey systems in this very dynamic world by using sentiment analysis software, organizational network analysis (ONA) tools, and certain selected products that automatically ask your employees and customers for feedback to give real-time coaching.

The open feedback tools see fine growth, giving more exposure to employees in quite new places to comment about their workplace. This shows a very innovative area of growth by which the systems enable the provision of transparency among the existing work systems. These tools ease crowdsourcing and provide benchmarking tools to help us find our worth in the enterprise.

The explosion of transparency will surely be very beneficial and healthy for business and will surely spawn a new set of pulse surveys, technology helps in the analysis and recommendation systems, and culture assessments of the marketplace. Companies need to explore this field more and work on the overall architecture, but this is the new world, requiring constant awareness and improvisation

AI making Recruitment Quicker and Intelligent

Recruiting new hires is a costly and time-consuming process, and the credit assembles around human and AI amalgamation which has made the difficult task of hiring skilled people which are the best fits for the company easier for us now. A wave of technologically advanced solutions from automated resume screeners to robot interviewers for recruiting has hit the market in a good way.

AI has been an additional boost to human intervention when it comes to hiring decisions in specific areas as it can evaluate a person’s hard skills. This leads to more focus on the conduction of soft skills and culture fit evaluation for the recruiters following a sophisticated approach.

AI has benefited the cycle of companies that involves company recruits, hires, and onboarding the employee. In no time soon, technology will make the toughest of decisions easier by using a self-explanatory algorithm. Leveraging technology will surely proactively help us for receiving responses and saving our efforts by going nowhere.

The newer Communication Channel 2.0

This is by far the most obvious advantage that technological gadgets will have on a company’s HR. Technology always makes communication easier due to the presence of various mediums that are introduced in the platform. Communication becomes very quick within some seconds through auto-generated emails, texts, and other messaging options and by far is the most important aspect of any Organization, whether this be a change in the HR policy manual, a new induction, enrollment of benefits or receiving lunch bonus, right communication holds the key!

There are a variety of mediums available when it comes to communication and online forums which are used to exchange files and messages. These applications certainly make the job of HR easier with the rest of the team.

Change in decisions becomes an easier task, timely report submissions can be recorded and the overall execution of various services becomes fast and satisfactory with the most rapid transitioning of shifting awareness in terms of employee benefits.

Security Concerns

Technology has raised several security concerns in the HR department. Having data online leaves many companies exposed to security threats. Therefore, if you are planning to go all tech in your HR Department, make sure you are following certain security procedures.

Passwords must protect company files to protect them from malicious users. The system credentials of the company devices need to be periodically changed. Firewalls and anti-malware should be implemented and updated regularly. HR employees should be given basic training regarding online security threats and how to easily avoid compromising the company’s confidential information.


Technology has without an iota of doubt brought the optimistic and transforming change that we all need in our HR Department. Adding the factors straight AI can add a boost to the human efforts but there are still certain roles that only humans can perform. This might make us question whether we need technology for our companies, and the answer is very much yes.

To make your name in the market, it is important to follow certain technology trends that enable your reach. Following technological practices can secure your place in the market and make your employees more aware of what is happening around in the world. The extent to which you want to depend on these practices depends entirely upon you and your company.

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